Boat Dive Package (2 Dives)

R2,000.00 / day

Clear dates




We are lucky to have a whole heap of beautiful dive sites to choose from! Whether it is from seals, to sharks, to wrecks – we have it all. From the boat we have access to the majority of them, and are able to go on incredible dives along Falsebay side, as well as the Atlantic side.  What is included in this package?

  • A full set of scuba equipment.
  • Two dives off of the boat.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Dive Guide.
  • The boat fee.
  • 1:4 Ratio. Making for a more personalized experience.


Please note, this offer is only available to qualified divers. Please do not purchase this package if you do not have a certification – as we will not be able to take you scuba diving without a scuba diving certification. If you are interested in finding out more information – please get in touch with us and we will answer any queries that you might have.