Basic Freediving Course

R2,000.00 / day

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If your goal is to start learning about freediving, spend some time snorkeling safely or wondering how the pro’s do this… This course is for you. The Basic Freediver focuses on the simple techniques in a pool environment for anyone wanting to boost their confidence or try out snorkel of freediving for the first time.


Theory & Training
  • Theory and training in modern freediving and rescue techniques
  • Knowledge of local oceanic life
  • Breathing techniques to enhance breath-hold
  • Pool training and practice of technique
  • Refinement of technique in open water


Course Achievements
  • Breath-hold of 1:30min
  • Underwater swimming 25m (with fins)
  • Understanding and application of basic freediving techniques
  • 10m dive on one breath
  • Rescue and safety
  • Buddy diving according to safety protocol


Course Prerequisites
  • Minimum age of 12
  • Medically fit to dive


For more information on Freediving, please refer here.




To experience the ocean in its purest form, one would need to go explore the water world in the most natural way possible. To dive into the living water on one breath lets you experience life underwater like never before. Wildlife comes closer, you become one with the water, the agility and flexibility that comes with this freedom is second to none. The ocean is our playground, the sea life our friends. It comes as no surprise that the most ancient form of snorkel and free diving brings you closest to the heart of the ocean.

Since the time of the ancient Greek sponge divers, freediving has evolved. The newest techniques and training make freediving safe and able to be taught to any person that wants to explore the underwater world. PADI Freediver incorporates up-to-date teaching techniques and physiology to make the course safe and enjoyable for all individuals. Our PADI Freediver instructors are highly qualified and specialized in the field of freediving to ensure your safety and exciting experiences on course.

Come explore our oceans with us in the most natural way to dive, come to play in our backyard with our freediving team.