Underwater Navigator

Everybody hates being lost, even more so underwater because it is not our natural environment, and being lost can escalate to bigger problems. By doing the PADI Underwater Navigator you can become your very own personal GPS, and find your way in even the most testing conditions. You will certainly become an integral part of the dive group with this skill and everybody wants to follow someone who knows where they are going. Though a very challenging course, the rewards the navigation course provides you with surely makes up for it. Navigation is one of the toughest things to do underwater, and that’s why during this course you will learn to sharpen your skills by observing the world around you more thoroughly, be more vigilant to what is happening and how to use your compass accurately.

During the PADI Underwater Navigator course you will learn how to navigate underwater using natural markers as well as compass navigation. You will learn the different ways in which we can measure distances, navigating successfully with a compass following a course with at least five turns, how to map underwater areas, and being able to use surface observation and planning to mark, relocate, or reposition a specified object submerged underwater.

During the course you will take part in 3 open water dives to perfect you navigation skills.

  • 10 Years of age
  • PADI (junior) Open Water Diver
  • Medically fit