Welcome to the PADI Open Water Course. The first step into recreational diving and your license to the underwater world.

PADI Open Water Diver: Why do it at Cape Town Dive Centre?

What is the PADI open water course?


It is the course that enables you to start your journey into the underwater world. The course will take you to the most incredible places, and fill you with the most awe-inspiring experiences – if you let it. The idea behind the course is to teach you about the underwater environment and give you the knowledge/ training that goes with it, to make you a competent diver. With a wide range of scenarios starting from the ‘out of air’ situation to the use of dive computers.


Why do your Open Water Course in Cape Town?


In False Bay, Cape Town, we have a wide range of environmental factors that will prepare you for diving anywhere in the world. Learning in our cooler temperatures will help you understand the importance of proper weighting and buoyancy, as we use thicker wetsuits than you would normally. You will also have access to experienced instructors, who have been put through the test of our sometimes-harsher weather conditions, giving you the highest level of training that you deserve.


Why do your PADI Open Water Course at Cape Town Dive Centre?


Here at our little dive centre we have an amazing team. Starting at PADI Divemaster and going all the way to PADI IDC Staff instructors, our team is highly qualified. It is a great environment to be involved in. We are more like a family and we are always looking for more people to join the family of Cape Town Dive Centre. Some of the other advantages of our dive centre include: a full gear room, with all the gear in great condition and checked regularly, an on-site pool and an ocean on our doorstep with many dive sites to choose from.

At the end of the day there is no better time to start diving than now, so if you are ever in the neighborhood or if you have any questions, come by for a coffee and a chat. We’d love to see you, and we look forward to diving with you.