PADI Equipment Specialist

Why be a PADI Equipment Specialist?

In an ideal world PADI Equipment Specialist course should be sold as a package as soon as you buy your own personal scuba diving gear, but we are not living in a perfect world, and that’s why here at Cape Town Dive Centre we got you covered by presenting you with an opportunity to take part in the equipment specialist course.

Cape Town Dive Centre | PADI Equipment Specialist Course

We are always curious to know how something works, and scuba diving gear is no different. When you join us for the PADI Equipment Specialist course you will be able to learn how your equipment work, how to take care of it, do basic repairs on your equipment, and doing routine services and adjustments on your gear. With all of this knowledge you will become much more comfortable with your gear, more confident when purchasing gear, and prevent missing dives because of a faulty regulator or seal.

During a practical workshop you will learn how to properly maintain service and store your equipment, you will learn what the more commonly occurring problems are and how to fix or even prevent it. You will also learn how to make subtle tweaks and adjustment to get the optimal performance out of your gear.

  • Minimum 10 years of age
  • PADI (junior) Scuba Diver