EFR Primary and Secondary Care

EFR Primary and Secondary Care is a vital skill in diving. To be a safe and responsible diver you need to be a safe and responsible person in everyday life. Some of us shiver in our wetsuits at the thought of being in an emergency situation, when in fact with the proper training and guidance we can handle these situations through a knowledgeable, responsible and information gathering sequence of actions to control any given challenge.

The Emergency First Response course will teach you the basics skills in dealing and managing with an incident/accident by ensuring the area and environment are safe and free of hazards, and then applying a simple step by step procedure to provide care for a patient in need.

Cape Town Dive Center | EFR Primary and Secondary Care
The EFR course also provides a diver with a stepping stone prior to enrolling into the PADI Rescue diver course, and serves as thorough preparation to ensure you can handle stressful situations with calm and comfort.

The EFR course follows internationally recognised medical standards, the guidelines and emergency care procedure presented during this course can be applied worldwide with subtle location specific differences.

Course Structure
During a single classroom session you will be introduced to the basic skills of Emergency First Responder (EFR) Primary and Secondary Care, and how to react to an emergency situation by applying these skills to a real life situation. You will be engaged in class discussions as well as practical exercises to sharpen your application skills and improve your confidence to respond to these situations.