EFR Care for Children

Although the EFR Care for Children is very similar to the EFR Primary and Secondary skills in terms of the skills you learn, this course aims to give you the confidence and tools to apply these skills when caring for children and infants.

Nothing is scarier than a parent stressed out about the safety of their child, but during the EFR Care for Children, you will be taught how best to deal with these situations and apply primary and secondary care to an emergency situation, involving kids and how to approach it differently than a normal emergency. You will learn how to assess the scene of the accident and how to remove hazards or potential hazards prior to commencing with care provision

Cape Town Dive Center Team on a boat dive | EFR Care for Children

Course Structure
During a classroom session, in addition to primary and secondary care, you will be learning all the basic skills to approach an emergency situation where children are involved and be given practical tasks to improve your skills and confidence. The EFR Instructor will provide you with the best possible training to make sure you are competent to deal with emergency situations and provide the best possible care to patients.